CreateKit Cable-Stayed Bridge DIY Kit

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For ages: 6+

Introduce your child to the exciting world of engineering with our STEM Kit - Cable Bridge Model. This educational toy is perfect for both boys and girls who love to challenge their minds and explore the wonders of construction. With this kit, they can build their very own cable bridge, learning about structural integrity, balance, and design as they go. Not only will they have a blast building and experimenting, but they'll also develop important skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial awareness. Whether it's a birthday gift or just a special surprise, our Cable Bridge STEM Kit is sure to impress and inspire budding engineers of all ages.

A cable-stayed bridge is a bridge that has one or more columns, with cables directly supporting the bridge deck. There are two main types of cable-stayed bridges. In the harp design, the cables are nearly parallel. This is done by attaching them to various points on the towers. In a fan design, the cables all connect to or pass over the top of the towers. In this project, we will build a harp-design cable-stayed bridge.