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If you're school or non-profit organization, you can also contact us by email: We will reach out within 1-2 business days. 

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What Parents Are Saying

San Clemente CA

"I was looking for STEM-based projects for my two children. They loved this and it was really neat to see the three different products we received in our first project. Highly recommend if you are looking for an at-home that develops more skills."

Burke VA

“My 9-year-old had a blast filming himself opening his box and putting all 3 of his robots together. He spent approximately 4 hours total on the projects, then over an hour playing with the robots and racing them across the kitchen. After several failed attempts at subscription boxes for screen-free educational fun, I think we finally found the one that will hold his interest.”

Coquille OR

“What ten-year-old likes sitting at the school desk doing work? Not too many but this monthly build is the amazing bait that hangs in the balance for getting the school work done. Two weeks of work and the new build arrives and the young engineer's mind seriously focuses on the hands-on experience to design and build.”